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Common Queries and FAQ’s

What’s new about FTM 2019? 

Optimizing your family was always been calming and sublime, all thanks to family tree maker now it’s more serene to customize your family tree with the advanced features of ftm2019 which allows user to access their information in an instant from any smart device. It was never been this easy to edit your mistakes you can even go a hundred steps back to correct. It’s like a dream come true.

In the ftm2019, user can create a family tree considering his or her relative and the credit goes to the family tree maker.

             Is FTM2019 is compatible with MAC/Windows?            

Yes, just like older versions FTM2019 is 100%compatible with both MAC/Windows, not only that FTM2019 works on smartphones, tablets and ipads or any other smart device.

Can I correct my yesterday mistake if my current backup is 2 weeks old?    

Absolutely yes, with the advanced feature of FTM2019 you can even go back for like 1000 steps and easily optimize old mistakes

Does FTM2019 provide cloud services? 

Yes, by purchasing the Tree Vault cloud services subscription you can access your tree on your iPad or smart device you can go like a total spy and transfer your research to your next generation.

Why do we need an upgrade to FTM 2019?   

If you haven’t upgraded to connect Family Tree Maker to through FTM 2017, then you have to upgrade it to Family Tree Maker 2019 because Mackiev has already put a stop on the sync of FTM 2014 and any other older version.

Is FTM 2019 is compatible with GEDCOM files?  

Yes, FTM2019 supports GEDCOM files. You can convert the FTM database into the GEDCOM file with the help of FTM program to export in GEDCOM format.

Does FTM2019 have some features for hints?  

Now, you can get synchronized with with a single click and get hints from both FamilySearch and Ancestry.

                    Can I crop profile picture before uploading it?                     

 Totally customize your family tree by editing the profile pictures with the help of new profile picture cropping tool and zoom till perfection for the photo box with a perfect square.